Alexander Kuhn

saxophone | composition

Sandi Kuhn Quartet | Alexander Sandi Kuhn is a German Jazz Saxophonist from Stuttgart

Following the motto ’the good things come to those who wait’, german tenor saxophonist Alexander ’Sandi’ Kuhn took his time to finally present the essence of his current musical work on his new record ‚THE PLACE IN THE NORTH’. Like on his earlier releases, the award-winning saxophonist (Jazzprize of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Burghauser Jazzprize) follows his distinctive way of composing and artfully combines his American and European influences.

"…fine and coherent sounds with a magical captivating attractiveness"
(Jazzpodium about “The Ambiguity of Light”)

Kuhn writes ’songs’ in the truest sense of the word. Songs with strong melodies, explicit forms and sophisticated harmonies. Songs characterized by a big portion of soul, depth and singability. These qualities are also mirrored in his saxophone playing. With a warm and human sound he develops his musical ideas, never loosing track of the actual story he wants to tell.

You will follow his improvisations from the beginning until the very end,
because you’ll sense that everything he plays is exactly what he feels in this particular moment
(Jürgen Schwab, Hessischer Rundfunk)

With pianist Volker Engelberth, bassist Jens Loh and drummer Axel Pape he found the perfect line-up to realize his music. As a working-band, the quartett performed on numerous occations together and presents itself as a mature musical entity. 
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The new album of the quartet ’The Place in the North’ was released in January 2019 on the swiss label UNIT RECORDS.
Alexander ’Sandi’ Kuhn / tenor saxophone

Volker Engelberth / Piano

Jens Loh / double bass

Axel Pape / drums
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Alexander ’Sandi’ Kuhn
Filderstraße 1, 70180 Stuttgart, 
0049 176 - 24703404


RECORDING Daniel Mudrack, Alte Zigarrenfabrik, Sandhausen
MIXING Daniel Mudrack, Mannheim
MASTERING Christoph Stickel, CS Mastering, Wien
ARTWORK Daniel F. Hirth (
COVER PHOTO Martin Wolf Wagner (

PRODUCED BY Alexander ’Sandi’ Kuhn.
All compositions by Alexander ’Sandi’ Kuhn (GEMA)

RELEASE / 18.01.2019 / U N I T RECORDS UTR 4888