Alexander Kuhn

saxophone | composition

Vita | Alexander Sandi Kuhn is a German Jazz Saxophonist from Stuttgart

Alexander ‚Sandi’ Kuhn (born 1981) is a german jazz saxophonist and composer, currently living in Stuttgart in the South of Germany.

2004/2005 he studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston with Herb Pomeroy, Joe Lovano, Bill Pierce, Frank Tiberi, Hal Crook, Ed Tomassi, and Dave Santoro. There, he had the chance to play with a lot of wonderful musicians and to learn much about music and life.From 2008 on, he studied with Prof. Bernd Konrad at State University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart where he graduated 2010 summa cum laude.

2011/2012 he moved to New York City to pursue a masters degree at Aaron Copland School of Music. He studied with a lot of great musicians such as Michael Mossman, Antonio Hart, John Ellis and David Berkman who helped him to further develop as an artist.
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Besides his own projects, Alexander ‚Sandi’ Kuhn works as a composer and sideman in several other bands such as Volker Engelberth Quintett, Kühntett, 3Mann:Einwort, Composers Pool Orchestra, Barbara Bürkle Band and can be heard on various releases (Sandi Kuhn & KuhnStoff "Being Different 2011, Kühntett "Checkpoint Jazz" 2011, Generations Unit "Tease my Shoes" 2011, Barbara Bürkle Band "Look for the Silver Lining" 2013, Christoph Neuhaus ‚PATH‘ 2016. Volker Engelberth Quintett ‚Jigsaw Puzzles’ 2016 and ‚Prismatic Colors‘ 2018).

Sandi Kuhn received various awards and scholarships for his musical endeavors (such as Berklee Scholarship 2004, 2nd Prize at the international Jazz Competition in Straubing 2007, Winner of the "European Burghauser Jazz Competition" 2009, Young Lions Award 2010, Art Foundation Baden-Württemberg 2011, DAAD Scholarship 2011/12 etc.).

In 2013 Sandi Kuhn received the prestigious German Jazz award "Landesjazzpreis Baden-Württemberg".
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His second album "The Ambiguity of Light", which he recorded with his international sextett (the Sandi Kuhn Group), was released in January 2013 on JAZZNARTS RECORDS. His third album ‚The Place in the North’, recorded with his current Sandi Kuhn Quartet was released on U N I T Records in January 2019.

Alexander Sandi Kuhn is currently teaching jazz ensembles and improvisation at State University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart.