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I'm happy to present our new album MEANDERING for the first time on Sept.14th at Jazzclub BIX in Stuttgart . Official release will be on Nov. 4th, but at BIX Jazzclub you'll have the chance to get a copy in advance. Come by and celebrate the new album with us!
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Furthermore, we will play at 'Jazz am Schießberg' in Calw on Sept. 31st and at Jazzfestival Esslingen (Double Bill with Billy Hart Quartett feat. Mark Turner) on Oct. 1st. There, the new album will also be available.


After 20 successful years of 'Jazz im Schloss' in Rechberghausen, pianist Martin Schrack handed over the booking to a younger team. I'm happy to be responsible for running this great concert series together with my colleagues Axel Kühn, Andre Weiss and Felix Schrack in the future. Check out the new program and come by!
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We are happy to present you two new tunes, that we recorded with our new duo SANGEE. Enjoy watching.


With the support of the Ministery of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Baden-Württemberg, I was able to initiate a new project entitled SANGEE. Thank you very much for the support. SANGEE is a new duo consisting of the wonderful Korean pianist Gee Hye Lee and myself. Together we worked on a new program that we are going to present on April, 27th 2022 at Jazzclub Kiste in Stuttgart. Come by!
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At the beginning of June 2022, I will be on tour in Turkey with the wonderful singer Cemre Yilmaz and her great band. I'm very much looking forward to it.


I'm very happy that the production of my new album 'MEANDERING' was funded by the GVL through the Neustart Kultur program. Thanks a lot for the support. The album will be released sometime this year (2022). Stay tuned!
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Alexander Sandi Kuhn 'Four' at Jazzclub Kiste

At the end of April, I was performing a set of original music with my wonderful colleagues Andre Weiß (piano), Jens Loh (double bass) and Lars Binder (drums) at jazz club Kiste in Stuttgart. The show was recorded by the jazzclub and is now available online. Enjoy watching it!

Scholarship MWKBW

During the pandemic, the Ministery of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Baden-Württemberg was so kind to support my compositional work with a scholarship. I will present the new tunes at the upcoming shows with my band. Thanks very much!
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Stadtstudio Projekt

In the summer, together with a bunch of wonderful musicians and a great team from Staufer Festspiele, I was fortunate to make the 'Stadtstudio'-project happen in Göppingen. We had a lot of fun and many beautiful interactive encounters with people form Göppingen. The videos gives some nice impressions. For more information visit the Stadtstudio-page.

Staufer Festspiele present:

GEMEINSAM / Sandi Kuhn feat. GP United

I'm more than happy to present you the video of the song and project 'GEMEINSAM'. Together with more than 150 people contributing their music, creativity, art and dancing, we were able to record the song and produce this beautiful and uplifting video. Thanks to everyone who helped making this happen - especially to Staufer Festspiele and Benjamin Beck!
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'À DEUX' - Solowerk für Vibraphon

I'm very thankful that I was given the opportunity to write a new piece for solo vibraphone commissioned by Philharmonie Köln (KölnMusik). The piece 'À Deux' will be part of the new program 'Folie á Deux' of percussionist Vanessa Porter. It will be premiered on 20.09.2020 at Kölner Philharmonie.

'Zieh' Sie auf'

'Zieh' Sie Auf' is another song, produced during the lockdown at home. Although I'm not a big fan of wearing a mask, I think it makes sense and helps to protect yourself and others. Have fun watching!

'Dance and be Alright'

Here is the new video 'Dance and be Alright'. Feel free to sing and dance along and forget this current mess for a moment. Please share the video on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, if you like it. Stay at home and stay safe!

'Use your Elbow'

With 'Use your elbow', I've tried to write an uplifting song in these difficult times to lift up peoples spirits. Unfortunately times are changing so fast that we are way past the 'elbow-time'. I'm still very happy about the many positive reactions to the video. That's why I'm already working on a new song. I feel that writing music can be my contribution to help the people out there forgetting their sorrows - at least, for a short moment. Stay tuned and follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, to see the new video, once it is out there.

Silvester 2019/ Sandi Kuhn Quartett

Schlossplatz Stuttgart

The Sandi Kuhn Quartet will perform two groovy jazz sets on 31.12.2019 at the big New Years Eve Celebration at Schloßplatz Stuttgart. (Set 1: 22-22.30. Set 2: 00.20-01.00). At the start of 2020 you can catch the Quartet with its current program „The Place in the North“ on 08.01.2020 at BIX Jazzclub in Stuttgart. See you there!!! Happy new year!!!!
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Forest Jazz Festival Korea

At the end of September Sandi Kuhn will be on tour in South Korea. He will appear at Seoul Forest Jazzfestival with the new band of pianist Gee Hye Lee (GBBJ) and will also perform two shows with Seoul-based drummer Manuel Weyand.

Album-Release / 'The Place in the North'

On January 18th, 2019 the new album ’THE PLACE IN THE NORTH’ was officially released on UNIT RECORDS.

The band will present the new music on March 6th, 2019 at Jazzclub BIX in Stuttgart and on April 2nd, 2019 at Jazzclub ELLA & LOUIS in Mannheim. Come by!
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VIDEOS / 'The Place in the North'

The promotion video of the new album ’THE PLACE IN THE NORTH’ is now available. Thanks to Sven Götz for the video shoot and pictures. Enjoy watching!

Landesjazzpreis Baden-Württemberg 2013

I'm very happy and honoured to receive the prestigious German Jazz award "Landesjazzpreis Baden-Württemberg" this year. Here is a link to the official german press statement of the Ministery of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Baden-Württemberg. press statement.

Album-Release / 'The Ambiguity of Light'

My new album "THE AMBIGUITY OF LIGHT" was released in January 2013 on JAZZNARTS RECORDS. Sound samples are available under the "listen and see" section. You can buy the new CD here: JAZZNARTS RECORDS (physical record), ITUNES (mp3-Download), AMAZON (physical record and mp3-Download).
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