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Alexander Kuhn


Apart from his own projects, Alexander Sandi Kuhn is working as a demanded saxophonist and composer in various groups.


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The Quintet of pianist Volker Engelberth is comprised of five of the finest musicians on the German jazz scene. In 2018, the group released its second album 'Prismatic Colours‘, which takes the playing of the band to a next level and gives Engelberth a playground to further develop his compositional ideas. For more information please visit
Volker Engelberth (piano), Bastian Stein (trumpet), Alexander Sandi Kuhn (Saxophon), Arne Huber (double bass), Silvio Morger (drums)


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Turkish singer Cemre Yilmaz and her quintet present some of their favorite songs, ranging from swinging jazz standards to groovy latin tunes, arranged in a modern and refreshing way.
Cemre Yilmaz (vocals), Gee Hye Lee (piano), Alexander Sandi Kuhn (saxophone), Joel Locher (double bass), Michael Kersting (drums)


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For his new release - with saxophone, voice, vibraphone, guitar, upright bass and drums - Stuttgart based Saxophonist Sandi Kuhn chose a very colorful instrumentation and collaborated with some of his highly esteemed international colleagues.

Besides his long-time musical peers Jens Loh on bass and Axel Pape on drums, the record features Song Yi Jeon from Boston on vocals, Julius Heise from Berlin on vibraphone and Syberen van Munster from New York on guitar. Together they accomplish to project a distinct and opalescent band sound, which leaves plenty of room for bright individual statements.
Song Yi Jeon (vocals), Syberen van Munster (guitar), Julius Heise (vibes), Alexander Sandi Kuhn (saxophone), Axel Pape (drums), Jens Loh (bass)


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    Alexander 'Sandi' Kuhn 2011
    Being Different
    Personality Records

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    Best of Jazz in Burghausen 2010
    Various Artists Vol.4 / DVD
    Double Moon Records

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    Gee Hye Lee 2010
    Genious Monday

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    Kühntett 2008
    Image of my Soul
    Satin Doll Records

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    Kühntett 2006
    The Contemporary Jazz Movement
    Satin Doll Records

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    PAUCKER 2010
    Miserable Junkie
    Monohausen Records

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    Lauschleben 2005

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    Generations Unit 2011
    Tease my Shoes
    TCB "The Montreux Jazz Label"

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    Paul Eidner 2009

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    Alexander 'Sandi' Kuhn 2013
    The Ambiguity of Light

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    Barbara Bürkle Band 2013
    Look for the Silver Lining

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    Christoph Neuhaus Group 2016
    The Present & Path
    Doublemoon Records

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    Volker Engelberth Quintett 2016
    Jiggsaw Puzzles
    Unit Records

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    Volker Engelberth Quintett 2018
    Prismatic Colours
    Unit Records

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    Simon Paterno 2014
    Head to Toes
    Simon Paterno Music

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    Kühntett 2011
    Checkpoint Jazz
    Double Moon

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    Alexander ‚Sandi‘ Kuhn 2019
    The Place in the North
    Unit Records


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In the trio 3MANN:Einwort Martin Meixner, Daniel Mudrack and Stuttgart based Saxophonist Sandi Kuhn unite to have a musical dialogue about the music of their past. In the course of this they reinterpret and translate hits of the last decades into their own musical language. If you like pop hits in a groovy and neo-souly remake with a very unique flavor be sure to listen to this band!
Alexander Sandi Kuhn (saxophon), Martin Meixner (organ), Daniel Mudrack (drums)


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Catchy melodies melt with complex harmonies and sophisticated grooves to a soundscape which attracts and surprises the listener form the first moment on. For more information please visit informationen
Alexander Sandi Kuhn (saxophone), Christoph Heckeler (piano), Axel Kühn (bass), Marcel Gustke (drums)


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The gentle arrangements and originals of bandleader and vocalist Barbara Bürkle (Thelonious Monk Competition Finalist 2010) bear her very own signature. The great musicianship of her exquisite band members and the energy they create turns her music in a „Gesamtkunstwerk“. For more information please visit
Barbara Bürkle (vocals), Alexander Sandi Kuhn (saxophone), Gee Hye Lee (piano), Jens Loh (bass), Daniel Mudrack (drums)


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The Composers Pool Orchestra brings together the creativity of a collective of Stuttgart based jazz musicians and composers. The artists contribute to a multi-faceted and colorful musical experience with their very unique and distinct voices as composers and instrumentalists.
Anne Czichowsky, Barbara Bürkle (vocals), Alex Bühl, Wolfgang Fuhr, Alexander Sandi Kuhn (saxophone), Eberhard Budziat (trombone), Christoph Neuhaus (guitar), William Lecomte (piano), Jens Loh (bass), Felix Schrack (drums)


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The Generations Unit presents a powerful cocktail of heavy grooves, bouncing bass lines and musical high-altitude flights. James Brown and Dave Holland would probably love it Generations Unit is an international band. The musicians live and work in big jazz cities around the USA and Europe (Berlin, Wien, New York, Zürich and Amsterdam) and bring their diverse musical upbringings to the table to create a fresh, playful and groove-oriented music.
Adrian Mears (trombone, compositions), Mario Rom (trumpet), Alexander Sandi Kuhn (saxophone), Lukas Jochner (trombone), Julius Heise (vibraphone), Christian Pabst (piano), Raphael Walser (bass), Mareike Wiening (drums)


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It is not only the shared time in Boston that unites the musicians, but also their enthusiasm and their way of thinking about music. Music is regarded as a means of communication to convey and evoke in a creative way exciting, beautiful, but also thoughtful and sometimes sad emotions.
Alexander Sandi Kuhn (saxophone), Michael Vochezer (guitar), Michel Reis (piano), Axel Kühn (bass), Axel Pape (drums)