Alexander Kuhn
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Alexander Kuhn


Selection of press statements:
"... subtle and coherent sounds with an utterly magic force of attraction" (Jazzpodium)

"Magnificent!" (South Courier)

"...a magic sound of soulful intimacy." (

"...a deep journey through the musical world of thoughts of a masterly playing bearer of hopes of the german saxophone scene." (Soultrain Online)

"... a truly piece of art for genre fans" (LEO magazine)

"...You will follow his solos from the first to the last note, because you can sense that everything he plays is exactly what he feels at this certain moment." (Jürgen Schwab, Editor for HBC)

"...It is refreshing that in times where even in jazz musical quality is often dominated by superficial effects a young saxophonist is dedicated to compose and play music which sensitively and profoundly deals with the different facets of life. (...) He develops his musical images at a gentle pace with a very poignantly and distinguished voice. Virtuosity is never used to other than musical purposes. (...) Alexander "Sandi" Kuhn and his Quintett have released a sophisticated album that succeeds in capturing the listeners attention from the first to the last note." (Jazzpodium)

"...Alexander Kuhn, in his late twenties, is already an enormously mature and powerful blowing tenor saxophonist, who eloquently tells his stories while at the same time being fully aware of the long tradition of his instrument. And the album "Being Different", recorded with his Quintett KuhnStoff, is the promising debut of this young musician. " (Jazz Thing)

"...very sensitive and deep." (Ohrenschmauch Münster)

"...the solos of Alexander Kuhn and Christoph Heckeler are beyond reproach and far more than a mere proof of their brilliant technical abilities." (Burghausen News)

Jazzthetik 3/2019

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Jazzthing 3/2019

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Concerto 3/2019

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